Our Mission

"To be and to show the Good News of Jesus Christ, witnessing, loving and serving from our doorsteps to the ends of the earth." (Acts 1:8)

About IHCC

          On January 25, 1926, a Sunday School was organized by the Layman's League of Des Moines which was called Howe School Sunday School and met at the school.  By 1927 it had grown until other facilities were needed.  It was decided to build a tabernacle on the site of the present church.  On September 7, 1927 (Labor Day), the Layman's League, men, women, boys and girls of the community began with a Missionary Spirit and voted 5% of their money to missionary support.  The church was named Indianola Heights Church of Christ and later was changed to Indianola Heights Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  In October 1927, the first Ladies Aid Society was organized.  In 1940 it became the Women's Council, then in 1950 it was changed to Christian Women's Fellowship.  For a number of years, Labor Day picnics were held in memorial of having built the tabernacle in one day and the beginning of a new church.
          Soon the tabernacle was too small for the congregation and plans were made to build a church on the present site.  Ground breaking was in 1929.  After the church was built, that same year, the Boy Scouts and Campfire groups were formed and met in the church.
          In April 1931, additional rooms for Sunday School were added.  Also a basement and tower were finished.  All the labor and materials were furnished by the Church and business men of Des Moines.  The parsonage was built in August 1947, and completed and dedicated in April 1949.  Our church helped many young people dedicate their lives to Christian service.  We have several "Timothys".

          The Educational unit was started in 1954 with the cornerstone set in 1956 and dedicated and finished February 1, 1959.  The present sanctuary began in the fall of 1968 with the cornerstone set in 1969 and completion in the spring of 1970.  There have been many improvements since and a parking lot has been added.  
          In August, 2011, there was a fire in the education building.  It started in the room above the lounge which is 4 steps up from the second floor.  This room and the entire second floor had to be totally redone.  Everything is new and it looks so nice!  It was returned to its original condition within a 10-month period. It was a lot of work but it really looks nice now.
          We continue to reach out to others in vibrant fellowship of Christ since Christ is our creed.

History of  IHCC

1927-1929 Rev. John Hoffman
1929-1934 Rev. C. L. McKim
1934-1946 Rev. Ward E. Hall
1946-1949 Rev. Wilmer Leeds
1949-1957 Rev. Stanley Mahannah
1957-1961 Rev. Ronald Graham
1961-1962 Rev. Oscar Barrow
1962-1970 Rev. Gene Bates
1970-1992 Rev. Herbert Lewellen  
1992-2010 Rev. Jerry Crenshaw
2010-2011 Rev. James Cord, Interim
2011-2012 Rev. John Bolen, Co-Pastor
              Rev. David Dunahoo, Co-Pastor
2012-Current Rev. David Dunahoo

Pastors of IHCC

Timothy's from IHCC

(disciples of christ)

Members of IHCC who went into the Ministry:
Bob Seals
Phil Coe
Laura Dargitz
David Dunahoo
Fred Gering
Mike Johnson
Connie Wacht

Our Vision

"To be a faithful, growing church, that demonstrates true community, deep Christian spirituality and a passion for justice." (Micah 6:8)